Beau’s Birth Story Part 1

I remember one of my last visits to girlfriend before the birth, as we were determining just how large Beau had grown inside the cavernous mound once known as my waist, I reminded her of how I had used castor oil when I was pregnant with John and how the emergency mass-evacuation of all the […]

Put Clever Title Here


Flurp…. I want to type stuff that would make sense here but I’m super tired and out of sync so I sound more like the Swedish Chef, less like Thoreau. This is my first blog since becoming a mom of two boys!  Yay me.  It only took 90-something days to find time to sit at […]

Pregnancy Update!

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Remember when I had my first baby boy three years ago?  He was 9 pounds 6 ounces and 22.5 inches long when he was yanked into the world at 38 weeks.  He was a big boy, got stuck coming out and left my lady parts feeling like a casualty of war.  A couple of weeks […]

The Weirdest Shiz.

This is my second pregnancy, so you’d think I’d be prepared for a lot of the inexplicable ‘side-effects’ that come along with the miracle of giving life.  I had a pot load of crazy crap happen during my pregnancy with John Blue; swelling, preggo nose (that’s a thing, google it), dreams, break outs, my hair […]


Ok, so clearly things have gotten nut-balls because I haven’t been in contact with the real world in a millennia. A MILLENNIA! So obviously a lot has been going on… We found out our baby is another precious angel boy. I’m serious when I say I couldn’t be happier about that. I would have loved […]

West, TX Part 2

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Sunday morning Lil Sista and I headed to the gym bright and early, we were worried about the state of our donations and thought we’d be well served to get all the pallets out of Chris Hill’s unit and on to the pavement in an organized fashion before the trailers showed up.  As we were […]

West, Texas


I have seen God’s plans unfold in my life, and in the lives of those around me, in beautiful ways over the years.  Admittedly I’m usually on the back end of things after they all sort out perfectly saying “Oh, so that’s why that happened…ok, I get it now.  Sorry I complained since You obviously […]

The First Trimester According To Me

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I’m going to throw this out there knowing full well that I’m probably going to get some backlash from preggos everywhere but…the first trimester of pregnancy is by far the hardest of the three. I’m sticking by this.  I know you’re all thinking “Well what about the third trimester when you’re tired and you have […]



My eyelashes are starting to fall out. A few days ago Big Red came in the house asking me why my car was running in the driveway…three hours after I had come home from the store. I found a big ole pimple on my back. My normal dirty blonde roots (no I’m not naturally platinum […]